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How Bowen Therapy Can Help You During Your Pregnancy


Pregnancy and Bowen

The Mother
The spine and pelvis of an expectant mother are particularly vulnerable because of the stress of carrying an unborn baby. Hormonal changes make the pelvis suppler during the latter part of pregnancy. The resulting instability of the pelvis often leads to other strains being felt in the spine and supporting muscles and ligaments.


Common pregnancy pains the mother may experience are:  backache, sciatica, aching legs, headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, breathlessness, heartburn, decreased energy levels, breast tenderness. Common pregnancy pains are easily and gently relieved almost immediately with Bowen Therapy and it’s very relaxing for the expectant mother. Bowen therapy is incredibly gentle, it makes it safe and ideal for mothers during pregnancy.


Bowen Therapy can also assist in birth preparation to position the baby for the easiest birth.  Bowen Therapy helps release the internal pelvic muscles to allow more room for the baby to get into optimal position. After your baby is born, it is recommended that you have 2 or 3 Bowen sessions to rebalance your body & hips. 



The Baby
Bowen Therapy can be performed on a Newborn within a day or so after birth.  It is so gentle, the baby is barely aware of being treated. Birth can be one of the most traumatic processes that a woman can go through and can affect the growing posture of a baby.  Bowen Therapy helps the baby by realigning the structure of the spine and pelvis, and most importantly the cranium and temporal mandibular joint (TMJ), which, if not balanced properly can create side affects like colic, feeding problems and sleep related conditions.

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